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The river Sog – or Sogið – is Iceland’s largest spring fed river and flows from Thingvallavatn, Iceland’s biggest lake. Less than an hour’s drive from Reykjavík, the Sog is renowned for the lush and beautiful surroundings. It is famous for its big salmon and has for decades been popular with anglers. For more information contact or

Alviðra Beat Lodge

Anglers are offered accommodation in a spacious charming and newly renovated self-catering lodge close to the middle of the majestic Alviðra beat on the Sog. The lodge provides three double rooms, a spacious open living room with dining area and a well equipped kitchen, and a shared bathroom with a shower. A veranda on the south side of the lodge has a grill and dining area. Life-wests for anglers are provided and recommended as the river is broad, deep in parts and the current can be strong. Fishing the Alviðra-beat of Sogið is especially suitable for smaller fishing parties.

Cleaning can be provided upon departure. Fishing guides and a private chef can also be arranged upon request. Please familiarize yourself with house rules and fishing rules upon arrival.

General information

The voluminous river Sog – or Sogið – is the largest spring fed river in Iceland. The water is very clear and flows from Thingvallavatn, Iceland's biggest lake. The Sog is 19 km long of which 12 km are passable for salmon but close to the lake are three dams built in the middle of the 20th Century, Iceland's first hydro-power plants. It flows through beautiful and lush landscape, mixed with farmland on the western bank and a birch-forest with numerous holiday-homes on the east bank. The river Sog ends its course when it mixes with the glacial milky waters of the river Hvítá.

The Sog has for many decades been popular with Icelandic anglers. It is famous for its big salmon and also holds large and powerful char. The pristine and clear waters of the Sog, with various pools and long and exciting runs, is ideal for fly-fishing with double handed rods.

The Sog is dived into five beats two of which, Alviðra-beat and Bíldsfell-beat, are now leased by Starir flyfishing club. In the past the beats used to be fished with a mix of fly, bait and spinners but now it's strictly fly only. Although some spots are easily reached with single-handed rods, either from the bank or while wading, double-handed rods give anglers better coverage of many of the runs and pools. It is a wide and powerful river and therefore anglers need to be very careful while wading and life-wests are provided to anglers and strongly recommended.

Fishing Season
Trout from April 1st to May 31st.
Salmon from June 24th to September 24th.

Prime Time
Mid July to early August.

Recommended Flies
Black and Red Francis, Collie Dog, Black Sheep, Dimmbla, Green Highlander, Sunray Shadow, cone heads and tube flies.

Recommended Tackle
Double-handed rods: Floating & sinking lines. 

Alviðra Beat Details

The wide, voluminous and mystical river Sog has for decades been very popular with Icelandic anglers and now foreign visitors have started to discover the allure of this beautiful river, and its powerful salmon. We are proud to offer this massive river this seasons with a strict catch and release policy.

The Sog is Iceland’s largest spring fed river, flowing though farmland and birch-forest from the famous Thingvallavatn-lake. These last decades a number anglers have caught their trophy salmon, and additionally many enjoy casting flies for powerful char which can weigh up to 3 kg.

The salmon can run 12 km of the Sog’s 19 km and the Alviðra-beat is the lowest one of the five beats on the river. In the past the beat was usually fished with three rods but now with only two, providing each angler with great space and excellent fishing spots to choose from. The beat is divided in two by a bridge on the river. Upstream from the bridge it is fished on the west bank where there are four marked spots, long and various, where salmon can hold in many places. Below the bridge the river is fished from both banks, with six marked spots. Some of the runs and pools are easily reached from the bank while other need some wading and due to the width of the river this is a dream beat for double handed rods.

The access to the pools is quite good, and regular cars can be used to get close to the pools.

Fishing Season

Late June until late September

Prime Time

Early July to mid August

Recommended Flies

Streamers, nymphs or dry flies for Char and Trout. Standard patterns for the Salmon.

Driving to Alviðra Beat


Distance from Reykjavik
71.6 km.

Driving time
Approx. 58 min

65°28'29.8"N 20°31'22.1"W

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