Welcome to the Langadalsá

The Langadalsá is among the most remote salmon rivers in Iceland. Located in the West Fjords they provide truly unique surroundings where one can fish in pristine clear waters in total privacy for days on end. For more information Contact us.

Langadalsá Lodge

Anglers are offered accommodation in a spacious charming self-catering lodge facing the magical scenery of Langadalsá river. The lodge provides eight double rooms and a spacious open living room with dining area and a well equipped kitchen. A large veranda surrounds the lodge with a grill and dining area. After a long day fishing guests can relax in the sauna or the jacuzzi. Langadalsá is especially suitable for smaller fishing parties and families.  

Cleaning can be provided upon departure. Fishing guides and a private chef can also be arranged upon request. Please familiarize yourself with house rules and fishing rules upon arrival. For any further information regarding the lodges please contact Ingo, email: 


The Langadalsá is located deep in the long and scenic Ísafjarðardjúp-fjord in the remote and rugged West fjords of Iceland. 

The Langadalsá is fished with four rods. On average the salmon are a typical size for the western part of Iceland, of around 5-7 lbs, with the occasional 20-pounder caught. Since 2019 the Langadalsá has been a full catch and release river. 

The Langadalsá meanders though a green and fertile valley. It is 24 km long and salmon can run approximately 20 km of its length. 

The access to the pools is very good, as regular cars can be used to get close to most of the pools. The Langadalsá is very popular with families and small groups who enjoy the peacefulness by the river, and enjoying an outdoor holiday. 

Fishing Season
From July 5th to September 26th.

Prime Time
Middle July to middle August.

Recommended Flies
Black and Red Francis, Collie Dog, Black Sheep, Sunray Shadow, cone heads and tube flies.

Recommended Tackle
Single-handed rods, floating lines and double-handed rods.

Driving to Langadalsá


DistAnce from Reykjavik
282 km

Driving time
Approx. 3,48 hours

64°39'24.63"N 021°35'20.3496"W

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