The River Djúpá

The Brennan Junction Pool

Welcome to the Brennan Junction Pool

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Brennan is one of the very best junction pools in Iceland. All the salmon that run one of the best salmon rivers in Iceland, the Thvera and Kjarra, pass through the Brennan on their way up river.  For more information Contact us

Brennan Lodge


At the Brennan junction pool anglers are provided with two well-equipped and comfortable self-catering cabins located on the river bank. The lodges are made up of four twin-bedded bedrooms. The main cabin has a living room, dining room and a good modern kitchen, with a sheltered veranda, a hot tub and an outdoor grill. 

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Both lodges are fully serviced with made up beds and cleaning is provided up on departure. Fishing guides and catering service can be provided upon request. Please familiarize your self with house rules and fishing rules upon arrival. For any further information regarding the lodges please contact Sigurlaug, email:, tel: +354 844 7567.

Brennan Details

Brennan Junction Pool is located in South-West Iceland. The beat produces between 300 to 500 salmon annually as well as good numbers of sea trout, thus making it one of the very best junction pools in the country. Brennan is fished with three rods, fishing a single bank of about 2 km long, with eight marked pools. 

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Fishing is arranged on a two-day basis and is permitted for up to 12 hours per day. Anglers may arrive at the lodge at 3 pm on the first day of fishing and are kindly asked to leave no later than 1 pm upon departure. Fishing hours are from 7 am to 1 pm and again from 4 pm to 10 pm. From August 15th, afternoon fishing hours are from 3 pm to 9 pm. 

Anglers can keep up to 2 salmon per rod per day. All fish over 67cm has to be released back into the river. 

Brennan is fly only in June and July. Spinning is allowed from August 1st. Please familiarize yourself with house rules and fishing rules upon arrival.

Fishing Season

From June 5th to September 30th.

Prime Time

Mid June to early August.

Recommended Flies

Black and Red Francis, Collie Dog, Black Sheep, Sunray Shadow, cone heads and tube flies.

Recommended Tackle

Single-handed rods, floating lines and double-handed rods.

Driving to Brennan Junction Pool

DistAnce from Reykjavik
97,6 km

Driving time
Approx. 1 hour, 19 min.

64°39'24.63"N 021°35'20.3496"W

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