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The mighty Blanda River is a glacial river and the largest river system in the northwest of Iceland, famous for its high ratio of multi-winter salmon and their incredible strength. For more information please contact

General information

The Blanda is a glacial river, located in the northwest of Iceland rising in the foothills of the mighty Hofsjökull glacier. The river flows 125 km through the vast highlands into the stunning valleys of Blöndudalur and Langidalur before reaching the sea next to the town of Blönduós. Until 1991, prior to the installation of a dam 60 km above the estuary, Blanda used to be unfishable due to its overwhelming and colored flow pattern. Due to the dam the pools of the Blanda are today milky-clear during summertime, offering a great and exciting fly-fishing experience.

The average catch for the past ten years is just under 2300 salmon annually, with the best year in 2015 exceeding just above 4800 salmon. Fishing the Blanda is a 37 km long adventure, where anglers encounter fast flowing rapids, long calm stretches and a canyon on the uppermost section of the river. Heavy wading is necessary in parts of the lower section but becomes easier towards the upper part. All these pools are ideal fishing with double-handed rods; we highly recommend this, as Blanda is notorious for its high ratio of multi-winter salmon. The salmon of the Blanda have a well-known reputation for being among the most powerful in the country.

The Blanda River opens to anglers in early June after the first spring runs arrive at the end of May, fishing with only four rods. Later in the season as the salmon runs increase, reaching their peak in July and early August, the whole river becomes an eight-rod operation. Throughout the season, the river offers the angler an abundant amount of pools to select from, ensuring well-rested waters for both the fisherman and the salmon. 

From June 5th to September 20th.

Early July to early August.

June: 4-6 rods / July: 8 rods. Rod sharing is welcome.

German Snaelda, Sunray Shadow, Hitch. Collie Dog, Black Sheep and Silver Sheep. Cone & brass tubes are very effective (size: quarter - 1.5 inches).

Double-handed rods: Floating & sinking lines. 

Blanda River History

Blanda river is truly one of the few remaining salmon mysteries within the Icelandic fishing community. One of the countries largest river systems, it has had enormous salmon runs over the centuries but fishing was hardly possible due to the murky nature of the flow and mud in the glacial melt during summertime . That changed when a dam was built 60 km upstream from the ocean in 1991, opening up an angler's paradise downstream. Now the summer-water has a colored tint and is great for fishing. In the early years after the dam was built the river used to be fished with higher amounts of rods and less emphasis put on the conservation of the wild Atlantic salmon. But now for the first time in history, the Blanda river will have a strict catch-and-release policy, ensuring the salmon's lifeline and the vitality of the river. We are proud to participate in that change and to have our anglers be part of that story.     

Blanda Lodge

The spacious lodge offers 12 rooms all twin-bedded with a private bathroom and shower. Private rooms can be arranged for rod sharers if space allows. There is an outdoor jacuzzi on the terrace and a sauna where one can relax after a long day's fishing. Later one can enjoy a three-course dinner prepared by our renowned team of award-winning chefs. The lodge is located in the middle section of the Blanda, with an extensive activity of bird life roaming the nearby river bank. The midnight summer evenings are magical at the Blanda, listening to the wildlife and breathing in the fresh air of the valley.

Exquisite Cuisine

At Blanda lodge we focus on providing our guests with the best there is in Icelandic cuisine and offer a distinguished selection of wines from around the world. In the early morning our anglers will enjoy a continental breakfast before heading out to fish. Lunch and dinner are prepared by our renowned team of award-winning chefs coming from some of the best restaurants in Reykjavik. All our meals are prepared using only the freshest ingredients. We can cater for special needs with advanced notice.

Our Knowledgeable Team of Guides

Our knowledgeable team of guides is headed by Erik Koberling, our partner at the Blanda. All the guides have been fishing the river for many years and will do their very best to assist anglers in every way during their stay. They have a passion for fly fishing and for the river they hold dear. All our guides are English speaking and provide our guests with four wheel drive vehicles for transport along the river. Each guide is normally shared by two anglers, but a private guide can be provided upon request.

Driving to Blanda River


DistAnce from Reykjavik
264 km

Driving time
Approx. 3 hours, 19 min.

64°45'07"N 21°20'41"W

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