Vididalsa 2, stofa

New self catering lodge at Vididalsa 2

We are happy to announce that we have built a new lodge on the private beat on the Vididalsa, called Vididalsa 2. 

A renovated lodge at the Brenna

We are happy to announce that we have renovated the Brenna lodge on the Thvera junction pool.

The new Thvera lodge

Construction of the new Thvera lodge was completed last year.  The project has proven to be a big success and our guests were thrilled with the new accommodation.   

Vididalsa 2, Now there is more water to fish.

Our new beat Vididalsa 2, is the lowest part of the Vididalsa river. It is fished with only 3 rods. It is one of the best known searun char and trouts waters in Iceland.

Chef Stefan Vidarsson has joined our team

We are proud to announce that a new chef, Stefan Vidarsson, has joined our team.