About us

About Us

Starir flyfishing club is commited to the Atlantic salmon. It is one of our most respected game fish with a great and enduring history. Without the fresh runs of salmon that arrive every year from the Atlantic Ocean the rivers would not come alive with the onset of spring

Starir is owned and operated by 3 friends who´s passion for fly fishing and the outdoors brought them together for this venture. They are: David Masson, Halldór Hafsteinsson and Ingo Asgeirsson.

Starir Flyfishing Club took over the lease of the Thvera/Kjarra in 2013. The river really did welcome them in their first year with an amazing season with catches well over 3000 salmon. In the years that followed Starir expanded gradually and took in 2014 over the lease for the Junction pools Brennan and Straumar in the Borgarfjordur district

Another famous river was signed to Starir and it´s partner company Laxabakki in 2015. This is the  Vididalsa in the North of Iceland. A new partner joined the team up North Johann Hafnfjord a veteran flyfisherman and a legendary fishing guide.

In 2016 yet another lease was signed. Starir took over part of the fishing season on the Nes beat on the legendary Laxa in Adaldal, also known as the Big Laxa.  It has been a remarkable journey so far and we do hope it is just beginning. Tight lines. 

Starir´s latest endeavor has been in 2019 when they took over the Blanda and Svartá river in the northwest of Iceland, where they partnered up with Erik Koberling who manages these camps.