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The River Kjarra

The Kjarra river is the upper part of the Thvera/Kjarra. It stretches 90 km from its confluence with the glacial river Hvita up to an altitude of 400 m with no obstacles to hinder the salmon on their journey up river. The Kjarra is characterized by its remoteness from civilisation where one fishes in perfect solitude.

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The Blanda River

The mighty Blanda River is a glacial river and the largest river system in the northwest of Iceland, famous for its high ratio of multi-winter salmon and their incredible strength. Since this is a larger river it is perfect for anglers who love to fish double-handed rods. 

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The River Thvera

Thvera is one of the most prestigious fly-fishing rivers in Iceland. It is the lower part of the Thvera/Kjarra which provides some of the best salmon fishing in Iceland, if not the world. With coastal netting banned, the only barriers to the ascending fish are the natural rushing waterfalls and your favourite fly.

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The River Vididalsa

The Vididalsa river, and its tributary Fitja, is one of Iceland's best known and most productive salmon river systems, with close to 1200 salmon caught on average every year. Located in north-west Iceland its multi sea-winter salmon to grilse ratio is among the best in Iceland.

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Our Commitment to the Atlantic Salmon

The Atlantic salmon has been faced with constant threat in recent times. It is still too early to claim that the wild salmon's future is assured, but there are encouraging signs on the horizon that stocks are recovering in many parts of the world.

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A continuous joint effort is needed by all responsible parties to maintain our great Atlantic salmon heritage. Management of salmon rivers plays a vital part in this conservation and is something that Iceland takes a distinct pride in.

Starir Flyfishing Club favours catch and release as part of the solution and our contribution towards Atlantic salmon conservation. By encouraging anglers not to kill more than a few salmon annually we can all do our small part in securing the future of the Atlantic salmon for future generations to come.

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Experience truly unique salmon fishing in Iceland